SK Comics

Way the world should be.


Welcome to the second instelation of the rune sites. My first one was getting a little dull, so I decided to make a new one. This site focuses on my comic making industry, SKC. All my ideas for drawing have become comics. If you have a thought just leave it in the Guest board (Command Center), but if its not nice I'll just deleate it. This site is supported by pictures from my deviantArt account under SMS00.

Copyright Laws

 This site and everything on it is copyrighted, if I find out that one of you stole my idea I'll hunt you down. So don't even think about it.

The SKC World

SKC Capital- The head city of SKC, it rests on a harbor and has buildings that go into the sea. And buildings that reach high into the sky.
Sin Gorge- A huge gaping long gorge that streches for miles, it's full of the unholy sins like Lust, and Wrath. Though it's veary easy to get into do to the gaurd-sytem of Sloths.
Lego Plane- A great plane of Legos that spreds for miles in every direction.
Earth Portal-The portal on a hill that leads to Earth, many charcters use it for fun and mishief.
Great Catheadrel-The Cathedrel of Saint Sam where he preforms his ceremonies.
Anderson Fort-The dreaded home of the Anderson clan, led by the 2 Warlords Fire Devil and Ice Queen.
Crashed Void Ship- The site of the imfomis Void ship, it flew during the great Void/internet War. It's now inhabinate by the Internet crew.
Sharpfang Citadel- The citadel has a portal that leads the the Emerald wars.
Anlow-The town were Tundra and his minions live.

SKC Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors is the Head holding postion of SKC comics, where the leading holders of SKC stock meet. Though do to Impusive buying most of the stock and firing them all they are curently out of a job.
Sam-The head of the Board, he represents "The Bench".
DLT-The Holder of treasery, he represents "Tales of the Emerald Wars".
Tundra-Scribe, he represents "Tundra's Adventures".
Saint Sam-The spirital adviser, he represents the North of SKC world.
Pride-Anger consultent, represts the sins.
SMS-Internet Expert, Reprsents the internet clans.

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