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Tales Of The Emerald Wars

This page is made up of all the original pages that made up this site before I changed it, known as Realm Of Rune. There are several comics that branch out from here, Tales Of The Emerald Wars, Party Cruiser, and Wars of the Universe.
Party Cruiser-The comic was one of the three original comics that were first made by SKC, it was the second funnest at the time. The main characters are Bill the Drunken Gunner and Captain, Captain always yells at Bill for screwing up. Bill always has a beer bottle in hand and works one of the Space cruiser's turrets (he misses alot of the time). Jim is the technician who works on the bridge and is Captain's right hand man, theres also an array of droids who help run the ship. Captain is a demoted Captain in the CIN Naval Fleet, he used to Captain the Capital Ship of Fracto, the "Papa Pig", when he pulled out of a battle to early and Fracto was killed on the planet. Tundra was forced to demote him, though he knew Captain was still valuable he made him captain of the Party Cruiser.

The Guardian Rune

     Tundra-The Dark Lord who rose from Rune at the beginning of time. He was weak at first but through cunning and smarts he took over Rune. When he made his armies of monsters from himself he declared war on his arch enemy Moltaymon. But time and time again he was defeated by his enemy, eventually being destroyed and banished. But when he came back to Rune centuries later his desendet minions didn't wan't him.
     So he tricked the citizens of Rune and released his old monsters and took over the world once again. After weeding out the tratiors Tundra rebult his socioty into the Fang Empire. Tundra then wen't to the planet of High Rune(not called at the time). There he found people of great power led by powerful warlords, they had many dark powers. After Tundra deafeted the warlords the citizens bowerd down to his power, these beings during the Emerald Wars would become the first Dark Legion members.
     On High Rune Tundra met Fracto, Nightmare, and Patran, all had mighty empires on the verg of taking over their galaxys. Tundra made a deal with them and they made a pact forming the first Confederacy against Doom and the Republic. Hes the true Dark Lord of the Abyss, unriveled for the title. Towards the end of the Tri-Crystal War Tundra aquired 1 of the ancient Tri-Crystals, cloning it Tundra aseneded to become Supreme Tundra. At the final battle of Rune Tundra and Doom killed each other, soon the Universe crashed into ablivion.
     In the alternate Univers Timeline Tundra and Doom remained dead throughout the timeline, refusing to partake in the events.

The forms of Tundra

Gloopmon-The first form of Tundra, a pile of gloop with tenticals and one eye.
Dredva-The human looking sorcerer who took over the beings of Rune and experimented with them.
MegametalchtoughchangerLord-A being of half-metal and half-flesh who found out how to get to Achewon.
CopyCat-A being who could transform into any creature, and started the Void War with moltaymon.
Ganore-The purple being created a black sword and magic ring to fight against moltaymon's forces.
Zone-The all mighty being was a twisted looking figure who faught but eventually lost the Void War and to Doom.
Tundra-The new being at the beginning of the Tri-crystal war who resembeled a cobra, then a hydra-huminode.
Supreme Tundra-The all mighty creature has all the other forms blended into him, fighting in battle.
Dark Lord Tundra-Appearing human this form is Tundra's most evilest, and powerfullest.

The Dark Lords Family

The Crimson Mage- A powerful mage from an unknown planet who met Tundra before the Tri-crystal war. She goes by many names, like the white maiden and Lexdra Queen of the Serpents. They fell in love and spawned there five children. Tundra kept her hidden for all the war until the end when the universe ended, but appread as the first lady of the CIN at the beginning of the Emerald War. She made freinds with the Kirby clans on her planet and brough them to help her husband's cause. She also is head of the white mage order, who protect their crimson lady.  She discovered the secert to keeping young at a very young age, making herself a true beauty.
King Boa-The first to break through his egg is the legless boa who declares himself king of the Serpents after his father. He control-s an ice palace on Satoria, he has an immunity to cold, unlike his brothers. His Cruiser is the Jackhammer.
Massasgassa-The second to break his egg is a four-arm legless serpent who is head of the Fang Empire's Research vecilitys. His main labratroy is a bubble citadel under water on one of Mendor's oceans. His Cruiser is the ship War Blade, hes also very intelligent when coming to biology.
Mugla-The third to break his egg is the Serpent Mugla, hes the smartest one of the five. During an experiment war walker there was an explosion, thanks to his father he was saved but needed to be rebuilt part machine. He now is in a hover chair with cannons and spike chains. His base and ship is the Star Demolisher, which operates over High Rune.
Black Serpent-The forth to break his shell....though only because he was half scratching himself. B.S. was a spiky out of control monster, but Tundra put him in black armor putting him under control. Hes head of the elite squad Tundra's Fangs, a collection of the Fang Empire's best fighters. If B.S. armor is to come off he will go beserk into a raving monster. His fort is a walking volcanic frotress on Planet S, and his cruiser is The Knife.
Sundra- The fifth and most secert of the five, he is the most human looking one of them all. He is intelligent, cunning, and quick which seems like Tundra the most. Sundra was named after the great god of Darkness. He was injured at the beginning of the Tri-Crystal War and didn't recover until the Emerald war. His main base is High Rune, and his cruiser is The Kracken (in name and aperance).   

Wars Of the Universe

Void War-War between Moltaymon(Doom), with resistants Vs. Zone(Tundra), with monster legions.
Vampire War-Republic Vs.Vampires
The Deadly Rain Wars-Rebuplic Vs. Acid Rain Pirates
Tri Cyrstal War-Republic Vs. Confederacy then Dread Unit Ferderation then Dread Unit Empire
The 100 years of Darkness-Republic Vs. Rune
The War Of Light And Shadow-Republic Vs. Runic Prophets
The Emerald War- New Republic Vs. CIN
Extended Era-Imperial Alliance Vs. FUG 


Void Galaxy-The galaxy that Doom and zone fight in.
Spike Heart-The galaxy that is populated by the banes led by their leader Fracto.
Galaxy Of Night-A galaxy ruled by Nightmare and his crystal minions.
Black Star Galaxy-The galaxy ruled by Sual, Patra and the Black Star Army.
Galaxy Exalted-The galaxy where the Matter army and Exalted team came from.  

Capital Planets and Governments

CIN Capital                                                                            Republic Capital
Rune                                                                                             Achwon
High Rune

Government                                                                              Government
High Senate                                                                                High Senate
Grand Courts
Presidents office   

Leaders And Fractions

CIN                                                                                                                                  Republic                                                         Apocery Resistence  
Fang Empire-Tundra/Dark Lord                                                                          Monothion Elfs                                                             Apocery
Spike Heart Federation-Fracto/Bane Lord                                                        Tortan Dwarfs                                                              Godmon
Nightmare Federation- Nightmare/Supreme Chanceller                               Poturan Hobbits                                                           Roova 
Black Star Army- Sual                                                                             Rebublic Senate-Doom-Supreme Chancller                        Ellowit
Exalted Team-Alen/Great Druid
Matter Transrusers-Skelebrain/Matter Lord 
Vampire Order
Acid Rain Pirates
Lego Empire
Paper Federation
Blackrock Clan
Red Rock Mages
The Shoova
Stickmen Guild
The Sliman Alliance
Zonitvian Empire
Zentuin Organization
The Planet Galora
Ada/Great Graaz
Ptolomey/Lord of Alexandra

Realm Of Rune

When the two mighty gods Moltai-God and Sundra disapeared and rencarnated Sundra was reborn on Rune. Rune is a mountainus near the center of the universe. Of corse all the way until the Tri-crystal war was it thought to be at the end of the universe. When the first suns rose Glopemon rose from Rune's mountains to see the first morning. The first in the whole Universe.
     Rune also had a original race known as the Runes, but then came Dredva with his own plans. Dredva experimented on the Runes and turned many into monsters, one race became known as the savontays. Dredva made a fortess with his new minions help, all willing to help. When Glopemon rose Sundra's true darkness lurked in Rune's heart, the Great Darkness. The darkness helped Dredva's monsters thrive and multiply.
     When Zone took many of his monsters to Archwen to destroy Doom's armies there was only a few creatures left. When Zone didn't return the monsters had to plan something. And after 5000 years of harmony the citizens of Rune learned to work together, they also wen't aganist there lord for abandoning them. The rest of the horrible monsters were locked away, until they were realesed. Zone retured as Tundra, fooled the Runes once more, freed his monsters and took over Rune again.
     During the Tri-Crystal War Rune was the Confederate capital, it was also the site for the final battle of the war. When Tundra and Doom killed each other the Great Darkness that kept Rune whole exploded. When the universe exploded because of Rune a new galaxy was created, one where Tundra and Doom where dead. All of Rune's citizens where trapped on the surface, and constently attacked by the Republic. But when the Prophets rose to power the Runes attacked back, Rune was the base of operations.
     During the Emerald War High Rune became the new capital of the CIN, Rune just became a abandoned loney planet. But still Tundra's favorite monster invested planet.
 Rune is mainly a mountainase planet, dry with mountains that scrach the sky. But there are some forests that are scatered throughout Rune. Theres also the Ocean River that runs right down Rune's surface, creating one long overlaping river. And many little rivers pour into the Great Ocean River, which holds many sea creatures. As do the mountains and forests, creatures old and new.
     Rune has one moon named Bull's Eye, it's perpuse wasn't much of any.
                                                                                                                                 Near Plants
  Mendor-A planet coverd in thick jungles and forests, with trees as old as the dawn of time. When Zone and his army of monsters were defeated on Archwen some of Zone's minions fled to Mendor. They have since become wild forest creatures of all sorts. The planet is one of the three plants gaurding Rune from the rest of the Zone/Doom galaxy.
      Satoria-Another planet that protects Rune along with Mendor and Planet S. Satoria is a barren gloomy planet, always storming and raining. When the Void wars ended many of Zone's minions fled here, they became evil s[irts, shades, and other ghouls. The aura and evil of Satoria rivals that of even Rune itself.
      Planet S-The third planet that guards Rune from the rest of the Zone/Doom galaxy. It's a volcanic planet, always erupting and ever flowing with lava. After the Void wars some of Zone's minions fled here, they turned into firey monsters and huge salamanders of might.
                                                                                                                                 Key Landmarks
 Mt. Tundra-The biggest of all the mountains on Rune, and by far the oldest. From here Dradva set up his base to take over Rune, it still stands there today. Mt. Tundra was also the site for Tundra's main stronghold and final battle during the Tri-crystal war.
The Tripile Mountain Fortress-The three connecting mountains that form a triple peak fortress and head scientific research. This is where the dread unit and other mashines of war where created.
The Pit of the Titian God-A colossal cavern where the God Titian was chained to the earth, ever thrasthing. He was a monster not even Tundra could control, he  was only to break free when the Universe ended. That happened at the end of the Tri-crystal war, realesed by Supreme Tundra against the Republis on Rune.
The Mining caverns-Giant cverns that run through out Rune underground, criss-crossing everywhere. This is where thrulls and captives of war work for to find minerals and hidden sleeping monsters. The monsters are some of the creatures that where locked underground my the tratious Runes against Zone.