SK Comics

Way the world should be.

The Comic

This is the lateist comic of the SKC franchiese, its made of all my little comic ideas that couldn't make it as full comics. It also can have real people like from "The Bench".
Heres the list.    
-Site wars
-Itailian Food Theif
-Mr. Cyrpto
-Halverson's Stalkers
-Super Manny
-The Andersons
-The Rip-off Five

Site Wars

The original comic for R/UR Life, it consited of all the freewebs sites (some times at war). Now theres the crab-station (this site), Void crashed site (Runeleader2)and....well no other sites I guess. Here are the crews.
Void ship Clan:SMS-The president off the Runeleader sites, hes the technacll expert, and is on the SKC Board of Directors
AST-The violent women who inforces SMS's laws, she was currently the head of the Favorites page, but it was removed.
DLT-The Emerald Wars hero works as the head of the Wisdom page.
SIA-The funny character who is the head of the cartoons page.
Yappa-A grunt who comes to the freewebs sites to bring movies.
Suger Guy-A simple food seller that always happens to sell suger and then gets eaten by bryan.
Raffel Guy-If theres a big anouncement or a contest, this guys sure to be there to anounce it.
Crab Station:DK-A giant ape that dilivers movies.
Crabapple-A talking tree thats not that happy and complains a lot.

Super Manny

Super Manny was the second "so called" comic to take site wars place, its mainly about a crime fighting manatee and his friens the Tri-defenders. Ones a big snake and the others a huge squid, they all where capes and stilish hats. One of the their biggest enemies is Jaws, a huge shark who tries to eat little children, hes usually defeated. Manny's archrival is the motor-boat who for some reason doesn't like Manny.

Halverson's Stalkers

The comic idea came from how my frien Tyler Halverson was always being "harassed" by these three girls at school. One was named Alex, another Tierney, and Amy(whose a year younger than us). Basicly Tyler gets into all sorts of troble in the comic and the stalkers must save him, then they will cudlle him. One villan is Tyler Frickson or the Wax Baron, hes in love with Tierney and captures Halverson to get close to her.