SK Comics

Way the world should be.

The Bench 

   The Icon of the comic is the wooden long seat located in the Skyview Boy's locker room in front of the big mirror. If you have no idea what I'm saying who cares. The Bench is imbeded with super powers and sometimes comes to life. Out of each leg is a jet-booster, alowing it to fly. All the characters in "The Bench" appear as well in "Real/UnRealistic Life", The Bench is by far the most read comic out of SKC.


 The co-owner of the bench and one of it's hosts, he came up with the idea of stealing the bench from Skyview and bring it to SKC world. He has a secret dagger hidden on him some where, he loves to have guests on the show. For a time Sam tried to where a stilish-hat and cool cloths with a cane, he then tried a scubitiver/karate master.


 The other co-owner of the bench, he wears for some reason a giant cat-in-the hat/ hat and a wresteling chain. He loves to wrestle and is the Sports Corispondet, he fears his  cat Momo-Jojo who stalkes him sometimes on the show. And if Sam acts out Nicks not afraid to put him in his place. Nick is sometimes mad at Sam for just having guests on the show and not actually having a show. 


These are the people that Sam and Nick hired to go around and do different stories. Though Sam pays them very poorly.
 Bryan-The suger high crazy kid that was the first ever corispondent on the show, he rides in a personal ballon making his sagments known as "Bryan in the sky". Though he doesn't appear to drive it well.
Andrew Brown- The first ever guest one the show, he now is the corispodent of foreign affiers. He hears a lepricon hat and suit, has a beard, and brings a cane and pot of gold with him where ever he goes. He gits mad very quickly( expecially with Sam)
Wes- Another guest to the show, hes a huge Halo nut and runs the "Whats New" segment.
Kevin- After appearing on the show, Kevin and his phone started the Phycactrist segment. A freqient guest is Tyler Frickson, who complains about his problems. Kevin's cell phone goes off like every 2 minutes for some reason.