SK Comics

Way the world should be.

Tundra Loremaster of Sharpfang

 The crafty ruler of Sharpfang and lovable star of the show, his show was one of the first SKC comics along with Emerald Wars and Party Cruiser. It disapeared in the 3rd season and came back in the 5th season. Tundra of course was not happy and tried to kill Sam(the current owner of SKC), which led to the battle of the 5-armies(comics). Originally Tundra's Adventures took place in the town of Rune and New Rune(Alen's Continit), it was in the 2nd season that Tundra made Sharpfang. Hes also a member of the Board of Directors.

Sharpfang Fortress And Anlow

 The great fortress was eredictated by Tundra as his new home on a cliff next to the ocean, it gaurds the town of Anlow. It has 3 towers(the middle Tundra's), a stable, a seert tunnel leading down to the docks at the bottom of the cliff and secert panic room. Tunnels lead from Sharpfang to all over town, making it easy for Tundra to get around. In Tundra's tower, Tundra uses his telescope to spy on Exliena.

Anlow-The city was created next to Sharpfang by elves, humans, and tiflines for protaction. The city started out small and a few years after Sharpfang was already created. The town has a city counsil led by Tundra's girl friend Exlina, they run the town fine with-out Tundra. Anlow is protected by walls and forests like the burning one and Mendor. 


These are guests that appear in "Tundra's Adventures", some not willing(Ivellouis).
Ivellious- A common guest one the show, he has a bow and a pet dragon named Chelsie. For some reason he has the same hair do as Bryan from "The Bench".
Hitler-Some how this guy got into the comic, found Tundra and tried to teach him to be an evil Dictator. At the end of the comic Tundra tricked him and Hitler fell into a snake pit.
Death-Not very likly but Death came and tried to take Tundra away, but before he could Tundra got attacked by THE VROK. After Death got rid of the Vrok Tundra offered him a blueberry pie to keep living, Death wen't home with pie in his tummy(if he has one).

Minions OF Tundra

Trog-The familar troglodtye that everyone knows, hes one of Tundra's right and men(though sometimes doesn't act like it). Trog tried to steal the show once, even though Tundra caught him, Exlina "pulled Tundra away" for spying on her, Trog ended the show as Trog's Adventures.
Lexdra-The mighty cleric who is always healing Tundra after his adventure's.
Bill-The crazy were-bear(Crazy Bill) who doesn't seem to know whats going on, but sometimes has words of wisdom. But when Tundra asks him what he just said Bill just goes "I'd dont know".